Many people find themselves in difficult relationships to drugs or alcohol. These struggles require unique understanding and knowledge to effectively handle because when we are in addiction, the drugs or alcohol can take on a power of their own that we may not fully understand or know how to navigate. Many people realize they have no control over their drug of choice and continuously battle against desires to use but ultimately succumb to something which feels more powerful than them. Other people aren’t sure if they have an addictive relationship with a substance but suspect something is wrong with their use and want to explore it.

In addiction counseling we will take an honest and objective view of the substances or behaviors that are taking control of your life. We will assess and explore the extent of the current use and come up with a plan to either cut down or to stop completely depending on your treatment goals and on realistic expectations when dealing with powerful substances. I work from both a harm reduction perspective as well as an abstinence based perspective with my addictions work and employ different approaches depending on the unique situation at hand. I believe in the power of community in recovery and may make referrals and suggestions of additional group treatment outside of our therapy as well.

Some of my specialties in addiction counseling include:

  • Harm reduction treatment

  • 12-step (NA and AA) conjunct treatment

  • Opiate addictions

  • Alcoholism

  • Cannabis addictions

  • Cocaine & speed addictions

  • Consultation for partners, friends and family of addicts

  • Rehab consultation an evaluation

  • Ongoing recovery therapy for clean and sober folks

Also see Harm Reduction Group Therapy for more support