AMFT #114002
Supervised by Renee Beck LMFT #21060

Down-to-earth therapy for individuals and couples in Oakland, San Francisco, and Online


You are finding yourself unsatisfied with your life. There are emotions, behaviors, and patterns in your life that you are looking to move past and change, and maybe your entire life feels very off from where you would like it to be. Perhaps you know what specifically needs to change, or you need help looking for where to start on the journey of self inquiry and growth.

The healing process begins right now once you have decided to start looking for help.


You are an entrepreneur, project manager, designer or lawyer who has found success in your professional path in life but is unsatisfied with your relationships and personal life. You are looking for a grounded presence with which you can explore patterns and behaviors you want to change and come up with the tools and techniques come to more satisfaction with your life.

Or, you are an artist, healer, musician or dreamer who is adept at following your intuition and are looking for a safe container and compassionate guide to help you explore aspects of your life, dive deep into the inner life of your psyche, and to find the best way to live in alignment with your highest potential.

Maybe you are in a difficult relationship where you are both trying your best to move towards love relating, but you continuously find yourselves stuck in old patterns that feel impossible to break.

Maybe you are struggling with an addiction or alcoholism, and despite your best efforts you are finding yourself stuck in a dark place with no apparent way out.

Maybe you feel like there is no hope for change.

There are ways to heal through what you are experiencing and move to more peace in your life.

There are ways to heal. Your difficult experiences may feel overwhelming now, but there are approaches, techniques, ways of being that help you navigate what feels like a rocky ride right now. These stuck places in your life may feel helpless, but there are ways to move through more freedom and peace. I aim to meet you where you are at in your journey and collaboratively work with you to discover what will best help you heal and move towards wholeness, joy and love in your life.

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How do we do it?

In our therapy or counseling together we:

  • Create a safe, non-judgemental space for you to share your experience to a neutral, compassionate third party.

  • Examine the patterns in your life and come to clarity on how your ways of being affect your life.

  • Come to new perspectives on how you are living, finding new contexts to frame and give meaning to your experience.

  • Explore the unconscious.

  • Listen to the energies of the body through somatic inquiry to discover what our bodies are saying.

  • Delve into your family of origin and ancestral line to see the larger picture of how the patterns of relating handed down to you from your parents at a very young age may be influencing your current life.

  • Develop a plan to move forward in your life in a healthy way.

  • Curate specific tools and exercises to help you reach your goals.

  • Utilize the therapeutic relationship itself to discover patterns of relating as they happen in real time.

Road map in a car window showing the way forward.


People of any gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, or country of origin are welcome in my practice.